Careful hand hygiene is an essential element of the hygiene measures performed in hospitals and in health care areas. It helps to avoid nosocomial infections, but also serves one’s own protection from infection.


So skin protection and skin care are essential here. Because only healthy skin can be safely disinfected. To maintain healthy skin, attention should be paid to the selection of protective products, especially in areas where the skin is severely affected due to frequent hand washing and disinfecting.

Forlan™ can be splendidly combined with the alcohol hand disinfectants from the Skinman series and the skin care and protection products from the Silonda series.

Forlan™ offers the optimal conditions for the gentle cleaning of the hands, even with frequent hand washing and disinfection. The natural soap and the replenishing care substances guarantee very good skin compatibility.

  • Surfactant-free
  • Replenishing
  • Real soap


Our performance Your advantage
Combination of skin-friendly cleaning-activated substances based on natural fatty acids
  • Very good cleaning power
  • Cleans gently and keeps the skin smooth and elastic
Addition of replenishing components Offers effective protection from drying and chapping of the skin

No synthetic surfactants

Can be used with known syndet intolerance
Very easily biodegradable Your contribution to protecting the environment


Other interesting products from our range:


Dermados™ S

Wall dispenser for economical application of alcoholic hand disinfectant as well as washing and skin care lotions.

Skinman™ Soft Protect

Skinman™ Soft Protect surgical hand rub has a unique skin-friendly formulation containing Vitamin E, Glycerine and Panthenol that works to improve the skins conditions over time1.


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