Incidin™ Foam

Glucoptrotamine based ready-to-use surface cleaning and disinfection foam spray

The ready-to-use surface cleaning and disinfection foam spray combines extremely short contact times with the properties of a gentle cleaner. Through its excellent foam application, it creates an additional reliability for the user.

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Incidin Foam provides:

  • Broad efficacy spectrum
  • Excellent foaming
  • Pleasant odour
  • Compatibility with Incidin Dry Wipes System


Why Use Incidin Foam?

Our performance Your advantage
Broad spectrum efficacy Effective against bacteria (incl. TB), yeasts and various viruses, Incidin Foam is also suitable for a wide range of surfaces including high risk areas.

Details on contact times for a wide range of pathogens are in the table below
Cleaning and disinfection in one step Providing the efficiency of cleaning and disinfecting in one step, Incidin Foam also offers many other user benefits.
Reliable use Being ready-to-use, Incidin Foam is very simple to apply and its excellent foaming application guarantees no formation of aerosols.

Due its extensive material compatibility on most surfaces, Incidin Foam gives the assurance of excellent results in a wide variety of application areas.

Application area

Incidin Foam is a ready-to-use foam spray for cleaning and disinfection of medical devices and all kind of surfaces in healthcare settings.


Instructions for use

Ready-to-use foam spray solution. Spray surface from approx. 30cm distance (max. 40 ml/m2), let product work in and wipe afterwards with a clean, non-woven wipe. Or use product undiluted on a nonwoven wipe, wipe the surface and let dry. Complete wetting of all surfaces to be disinfected is important.


100g contains the following:
20g 2-Propanol, 10g Ethanol, 0.2g Benzalkoniumchlorid, 0.01g Glucoprotamin®

For more information: please refer to the product label/SDS.



Use biocide products with caution. Always read the label and product information before use. For professional use only.


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