Sekusept Multienzyme P


Thorough cleaning of medical instruments and endoscopes is a basic requirement for effective disinfection. The well-chosen combination of four enzymes with surfactants and other ingredients of Sekusept™ Multienzyme P offers you an excellent cleaning performance. Sekusept™ Multienzyme P is the ideal enzymatic cleaner for all types of medical instruments, including flexible endoscopes.

Product Details

  • Optimally matched 4-enzyme combination
  • Very good material compatibility
  • RKI-conforming, non fixing pre-cleaning
Our performance Your advantage
Innovative combination of four enzymes with powerful surfactants Strong, self-cleaning Reduces pre- and post-cleaning expenses RKI-conforming pre-cleaning
Comprehensive material compatibility Suitable for pre-cleaning of thermo unstable and thermo stable medical instruments and flexible endoscopes
2 L bottles with viewing window Optimum fill level inspection and secure dosing
Low foam Suitable for ultrasonic application
Transparent blue coloring Visible cleaning solution with good recognition of the instruments

Depending on the type and degree of stains, prepare a solution of 0.3% (3ml/l) to 2% (20ml/l). Place the instruments to be cleaned in the solution, ensuring that all surfaces are completely wetted. Clean the instruments paying attention to the manufacturer’s instructions, including mechanical cleaning (e.g. brushing, wiping). When using in ultrasonic bath, cover the bath during sonication. Rinse with water of at least drinking quality. If disinfection is done subsequently, rough drying of the outer surfaces and particularly of cavities e.g. endoscope channels, is necessary in order to rule out any dilution of the disinfectant solution.

For the further terminal disinfection step, we recommend our product: Sekusept™ aktiv


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