Sekumatic™ Oxivario™

Cleaning activator for the alkaline oxidative cleaning of medical instruments by the OXIVARIO™ and OXIVARIO PLUS™ method. Can be combined with Sekumatic™ FR and Sekumatic™ MultiClean.

Product Details

Cleaning activator for alkaline cleaning.

  • Powerful cleaning intensification
  • Broad user spectrum
  • For the OXIVARIO™ method
Our performance Your advantage
Oxidative cleaning intensifier Excellent oxidative cleaning support against tough protein stains together with alkaline cleaning agents
Optimally matched formulation components Compatible with the alkaline instrument cleaners Sekumatic™ FR and Sekumatic™ MultiClean
Secured method Can be used in the OXIVARIO™ and OXIVARIO PLUS™ method. Extensively tested and released by the MIELE company

In cleaning and disinfection devices in the medical area.

The addition is made in the 2nd Cleaning phase of the Oxivario™ method with a dosing of 3.5ml/l Sekumatic™ Oxivario™ to 5ml/l Sekumatic™ FR ore Sekumatic™ MultiClean and in the Oxivario™ Plus method, with 7ml/l Sekumatic™ Oxivario™ to 8ml/l Sekumatic™ FR or Sekumatic™ MultiClean.

Please follow the information provided by the instrument manufacturer.

Only for professional use


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