Reinventing the Way Water is Managed

From the time water enters a facility until the moment it is returned back into the environment, it’s a critical component of our customers’ businesses. We use expertise and innovation to help them manage their water – and measure success one drop at a time.

eROI is the exponential return on investment we deliver to our customers through improved performance, operational efficiency and sustainable impact.

Measurement is a critical component of our process to deliver exponential outcomes. It’s an approach that allows our customers to track the Total Value Delivered of Ecolab solutions — from increasing productivity and performance to reducing operational costs and driving efficiency while achieving sustainability goals and making a positive impact in the world.

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At Nalco Water, we empower operations around the world to protect this most vital resource. We partner with companies across a wide range of industries, working side by side to develop solutions for their specific water needs and business goals.


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Featured Programs

Dust Control

At Nalco Water, we understand that dust can create serious health and environmental issues for your mining operation. Without the proper dust control solution, challenges with dust can strain your bottom-line results. Nalco Water offers a comprehensive line of dust suppression additives including foam dust control, surface tension reducers, binders, tackifiers, and humectants.

Corrosion and Scale Control for Cooling Water

Nalco Water's corrosion and scale inhibitors feature traced chemistries designed for use with 3D TRASAR™ control systems. 3D TRASAR products are part of an innovative water treatment program that uses proven technology to prevent operational problems. 3D TRASAR compensates for both routine and special causes of system variation. 3D TRASAR programs provide a return on your investment through their unique control and diagnostic capabilities. With 3D TRASAR technology control, your system is monitored and feed rates are controlled for optimal, cost-effective performance.

Cooling Water Bio Control

Cooling towers are constantly exposed to environmental contaminants and bacteria. This requires a rapid response, accurate detection and a tailored program to control biological growth. Nalco Water offers a complete line of oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides, algaecides and biodispersants that are effective in a variety of cooling water applications, including open recirculating cooling towers, once-through cooling systems, closed loop cooling systems, air washers, cooling ponds, thermal energy storage tanks and pasteurizers.

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Featured Transportation Solution for Paint Detackification

During the last decade, the Automotive industry has increasingly demonstrated a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility. Many programs and procedures have been put in place to reduce the consumption of natural resources and associated emissions and waste. Today, more than ever, the challenges of the global economic environment demand that the industry must work even harder to meet sustainability targets and financial goals.

Every automotive plant has environmental management practices in place which aim to reduce freshwater use and minimize waste production. Effective paint detackification is critical to clean booth operations, increased return water and minimized sludge haul-off. Optimized paint sludge solids increase recycled clean booth return water which reduces total water consumption. Higher paint solids also result in less waste volume and weight, reducing waste contribution to the environment and the total cost of waste management.

Keeping the total cost of operations and performance at the forefront of sludge management, Nalco Water paint detackification products and programs have been successfully implemented in over 35 North American automotive plants.

Featured Solutions

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment demands as much attention, and the need for integrated solutions, as other processes within your operation. There are not many other processes that have so much variability in the input, yet a consistent, high quality output is required. Nalco offers a number of wastewater tools  to efficiently analyze, evaluate, and treat your entire wastewater operation from primary clarification to discharge.


Water Pretreatment

Nalco's Water Pretreatment Solutions team designs, builds and services DI and RO systems, provides maintenance and exchange services, performs membrane autopsies, field cleanings and provides membrane optimization services.

World-class engineers and scientists are passionate about solving problems: the vision and dedication come naturally. Our team's qualifications are among the best in the industry, so great service is just part of the difference you get when you're working with Nalco Water's Membrane Solutions Group.

Clean Water for Future Generations

Watch as John Holden of the nationally syndicated Discovery Channel series "Earth" visits Naperville, Illinois to investigate how Nalco Water is helping companies save water for our planet.

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System Assurance for Paper Mills

Nalco Water Paper customers rest assured knowing they are protected 24/7/365 with our System Assurance Center (SAC) service. When an issue arises in the mill, our SAC service kicks in as an extra layer of protection providing around-the-clock system monitoring and helping our customer’s operations run smoothly.

The Nalco Water SAC alerts the local team when levels in boilers are low. Allowing us to trouble shoot with customers remotely and return levels back to normal quickly.

Featured Mining Programs

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Ensuring a Bright Future for Geothermal

We're invested in helping the geothermal industry reduce its environmental footprint - while delivering the highest efficiency and reliability possible.

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