Sekumatic™ FD

Fluid disinfectants for the chemical thermal reprocessing of temperature-sensitive instruments and medical accessories, material-friendly at 60°C. Effective against bacteria (incl. TB) and yeasts virucidal according to RKI recommendation of 01/2004 (DVV 2008). Sekumatic™ FD is well-matched to the cleaning agents of the Sekumatic™ product line.

Product Details

Broad-spectrum effectiveness

  • Secure disinfection
  • Good material compatibility
  • Suitable for temperature-sensitive materials

Our performance Your advantage
Secure disinfection

Bactericidal, yeasticidal, virucidal at 60 °C

Surfactant-free, pH-neutral Especially low-foam, good material compatibility, suitable for thermolabile and thermostable materials

With corrosion inhibitor

Long value retention of medical instruments and implements

When used in suitable cleaning and disinfection devices (RDG), a disinfection effect is obtained at a concentration of at least 10ml/l at 55-60°C and a contact time of at least 5 minutes. The program selection is made according to the details provided by the manufacturer. Dosing is done using separate dosing pumps for the machine.


pikto_instrumente_maschinellDisinfectant for medical devices