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Digital Solutions for Clean Out-of-Place

Do you know how much chemistry and water you are using for clean out-of-place activities? Do you know how long it takes?

Clean out-of-place (also called open plant cleaning or manual cleaning) activities can be hard to track, but Ecolab has a solution.

Our Manual Cleaning Insights (MCI) is an IIoT technology for food and beverage plants. MCI digitally tracks and measures clean out-of-place activities to provide insights that help ensure controlled, dependable results.

We have decades of expertise, and our digital transformation solutions work. Ecolab can customize MCI to accommodate your plant's specific requirements to help optimize cleaning processes and deliver operational savings.

Food and Beverage IIoT Solutions

See How MCI Helps Track and Improve Clean Out-of-Place Processes

Better Cleaning Insights Mean Better Cleaning Outcomes

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Food Safety and Brand Reputation

Maintain food quality, help reduce recalls and improve product shelf life.

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Ensure timely completion of tasks, reduce cleans and increase on-time production starts.

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Preserve equipment life and reduce water consumption, energy costs and food waste.

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Operational Efficiency and Data Capture

Maximize operational resources and reduce the time needed for audit preparation.

Combining Powerful Chemistry with Smart Technology and World-Class Service

With MCI, you can use real-time data to track and measure clean out-of-place processes, and you have access to Ecolab’s trusted experts.

How digital is impacting food safety and open plant cleaning white paper

How Digital Tools Impact Food Safety and Open Plant Cleaning

Access to data and more visible targets gave this customer's plant the tools to reduce time spend on C&S by 10%.

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