Sekusept™ PLUS

For cleaning disinfection of medical instruments made of metal, plastic, glass. Aldehyde-free. Effective against bacteria (incl. TB) and yeasts Limited virucidal according to RKI recommendation of 01/2004 (DVV 2008). RKI-listed (A).

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Product Details

For disinfection of medical instruments.

  • Cleans and disinfects medical instruments without aldehyde
  • VAH and RKI listed
  • With innovative active agent Glucoprotamin
Our performance Your advantage
VAH and RKI listed, effective against bacteria (incl. TB) and yeasts, limited virucidal. Protects the user from infection risks through contaminated instruments
Powerful formulation components Good material compatibility even against sensitive materials such as flexible endoscopes Approved by Olympus. Very good cleaning performance, even with heavily stained instrument types
Low volatility, low foam Suitable for ultrasonic bath applications, pleasant fragrance

Application Areas

For cleaning and disinfection of non-critical medical devices made of metal, glass etc. and for cleaning disinfection of semi-critical and critical medical devices before mechanical reprocessing. For purely manual reprocessing, for terminal disinfection, we recommend using Sekusept™ aktiv, Sekusept™ forte and Sekusept™ forte S.


Prepare the solution by diluting with water of at least drinking water quality. Place the instruments in the solution immediately after use, ensuring that all surfaces are completely wetted. Clean the instruments following the manufacturer’s instructions, including the mechanism (e.g. brushing, wiping). After the specified contact time, remove the objects from the liquid and rinse with water of at least drinking quality. according to RKI recommendation is to make the solution fresh every day.

Material changes in polycarbonate, polysulfide and acrylic glass with continuous use cannot be ruled out, but can be largely avoided by sufficient rinsing after every application. Not suitable for instruments made from silicone. If flexible endoscopes are chemical-thermally reprocessed mechanically, a thorough rinsing of the endoscope must be done after the disinfecting cleaning, in order to avoid reciprocal action with the products in the machine.

Service life of unloaded application solution (in covered instrument basin): 14 days

A loaded application solution is to be made fresh every working day according to the RKI recommendation.

VAH-listed RKI-listed (A/B)

pikto_instrumente_manuellInstrument disinfection for medical devices


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