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Serie 1 & Serie 4

Soluscope endoscope reprocessing

Flexible endoscope washer-disinfectors available with a complete range of chemical products, neutral or enzymatic detergents, peracetic acid or glutaraldehyde disinfectants.

Serie 1 is compliant with ISO-15883 standard and benefits from 20 years of Soluscope experience in endoscope hygiene.

Serie 4 flexible endoscope washer-disinfector offers a complete reprocessing cycle in 16 minutes thanks to its unique patented dual wash technique.

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Serie 1
Serie 1

The Serie 1 provides the right amount of single-use chemistry at each reprocessing cycle. It preserves the endoscope and offers consistent process for user and patient security. The Serie 1 integrates an automatic leak test to maintain the endoscope integrity during the cycle.

Compatible range of products includes:

  • Soluscope PA
  • Soluscope GTA
  • Soluscope NW
  • Soluscope EZ
Serie 4
Serie 4

Serie 4 reduces consumption in water and chemistry up to 40%. The newly designed bowl can house any type and brand of flexible endoscope, including ultrasound models.

Compatible range of products includes:

  • Soluscope PAA
  • Soluscope CLN

Complete Soluscope solution available in Poland

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