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Soluscope endoscope storage and transport

Soluscope endoscope storage and transport

The Soluscope Trolley and the Soluscope Rack are designed to optimize the endoscope turnover between examination and reprocessing rooms. They are compatible with DSC8000 storage cabinet trays and Soluscope transport trays.

Soluscope Trolley & Rack
Soluscope Trolley & Rack

Beyond its transport function, the Soluscope Trolley is suitable to store up to 4 ready to use endoscopes for multiple exams or when examination room is distant from the reprocessing room. It can also be used as a stand at the patient’s bedside thanks to its ideally positioned tabletop. The Soluscope Rack temporarily store clean endoscopes or specific endoscopes not frequently used. Allowing easy handling of trays, it can also receive dirty endoscopes after exams while waiting for reprocessing.


The DSC8000 is a drying and storage cabinet receiving up to 8 endoscopes and maintaining their microbiological quality for 7 days. Each endoscope is stored in an individual tray with a lid to guarantee its protection against shocks and contaminations when handling. The endoscope is completely dried thanks to two simultaneous air flows through each channel and outside the endoscope.

Complete Soluscope solution available in Poland

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