Bringing Technical Expertise and Cleaning Chemistry Together to Meet the Requirements of Personal Care Manufacturers

Every day you face the toughest cleaning obstacles: ingredients that make great products for your customers but create challenges for your production equipment. Over time, you may have found cleaning options that work, but are they truly meeting your expectations? 

Do you have to run cleaning processes multiple times to finally reach an acceptable clean? Are you constantly having to find cleaning solutions for new product formulations? Are cleaning challenges taking time away from producing products?

Overall, does it feel like you just haven’t found the
perfect match? It’s time for that to change.

With Ecolab Life Sciences, your equipment is clean – the first time, every time. Our Technical Experts and Research and Development team works with you to ensure you have the best cleaning solution that’s optimized for your specific soils, formulations and production equipment. Here’s how we do it:

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Products Matched for Personal Care Challenges

The ingredients you use are unique to the personal care industry; however, most cleaning products weren’t designed, formulated, or tested against these complex ingredients. Unlike most general-purpose products that are designed as one size fits all, Ecolab Life Sciences has developed a line of cleaning and sanitizing products dedicated to the personal care and cosmetic manufacturing industries and their challenges. 

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Research and Development Labs That Match Your Formulations with the Right Cleaning Solutions

Each ingredient and formulation you use requires a unique cleaning solution. When working with Ecolab Life Sciences, our Research and Development team thoroughly tests and studies your formulation, on your surfaces, to make sure the cleaning solution we recommend is completely effective at the optimal dilution and application. 

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Onsite Technical Experts That Find the Perfect Match Between Cleaning and Efficiency

Our goal is to provide you more than clean equipment. Our technical teams work with you onsite to review your operations and provide recommendations to optimize the cleaning of your facility. We then help you implement the perfect mix of chemistry with the most efficient procedures to potentially help save you cleaning time, labor, and resources such as energy, water, and chemistry.

Life Sciences Insights:
The Personal Care Industry

The optimization of the cleaning process is critical for decreasing operational costs, downtime and for achieving the sustainability goals set by the company (such as the reduction of water, chemistry, and energy consumption). The challenges commonly faced by the industry are described in the first article of this two-part series.

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Challenges in Cleaning, Part I

The aim of this article, first in a two-part series, is to illustrate the cleaning challenges commonly faced by cosmetic manufacturers, as well as the requirements of the industry. In the second part of the series, an initial guidance on how the cleaning and disinfection procedures can be optimized will be provided, from the choice of chemistry, to the correct setup of the equipment available on site, and all while compliant with the requirements set by the industry.

Parameters influencing cleaning are simply described within the Sinner Circle

Challenges in Cleaning, Part II

The aim of this second article is to provide an initial guidance on how to optimize cleaning procedures, from the choice of chemistry, to the correct setup of the equipment available on site, and all while compliant with the requirements set by the industry.
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