Incidin™ Extra N

Aldehyde-free, norovirucidal liquid concentrate for the surface disinfection of medical products and surfaces of all types. User-friendly agent combination with the unique agent glucoprotamine® and quaternary ammonium compounds. Efficient, tested, norovirucidal standard disinfection. Bactericidal, yeasticidal and to a limited degree virucidal as per RKI recommendation of 01/2004 (DVV 2008) and effective against adenoviruses, papovaviruses, rotaviruses and noroviruses.

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Broad spectrum of antibacterial effect (incl. MRSA) and against yeasts. High degree of disinfection safety on all washable surfaces, even in risk areas.

  • Unique agent glucoprotamine
  • Good cleaning performance
  • High level of material compatibility
Our performance Your advantage
Unique agent glucoprotamine Optimal disinfection and cleaning in combination with complete biological degradability
Good cleaning performance Can be mixed with Gloss Xpress: Cleaning, disinfection and care in one operational step
High level of material compatibility, thoroughly tested Can be used for: Metals (e.g. brass), plastics (e.g. polycarbonate), elastomers (e.g. EPDM), floors (e.g. linoleum)

Prepare application solution by diluting with water (max. 30 °C) to the desired concentration.

Wide down the surfaces to be treated so they are wet. Make sure of even coverage of wetness.

Protective gloves must be worn as per UVV.

Disinfectants containing amine or amine derivatives cannot be used alternately with disinfectants containing aldehyde.

Thorough interim cleaning is required for any switch.

Use biocides with caution. Use disinfectants safely. Always read the certification marking and the product information before use.

100g contains as agents: 15g benzalkonium chloride, 12.4g glucoprotamine

Use (after commencement) Shelf life
In container1 Until the printed expiration date
In the container on the dispenser Until the printed expiration date
In the container with a dispensing aid Until the printed expiration date
As a prepared application solution2 Up to 14 days
As a prepared application solution in combination with Incidin™ Premium Wipes in the Incidin™ Dry Wipes Dispenser3 Up to 28 days

Please note the following to ensure the correct storage of environmental hygiene and instrument disinfectants: The original containers (canisters, buckets or bottles) with the disinfectant concentrate (or powder) should be stored at temperatures below 25°C and kept dry and clean. A brief period below or above the given storage temperature (e.g. during transport) will not diminish the effectiveness. The containers are to be sealed tightly after each use. Please also take care that the concentrate remaining in the container is not contaminated when preparing the application solution.

Assuming that the application solution that is produced is not contaminated by organic material, it is to be stored in a clean, closed container or a covered instrument basin. Please take note of the corresponding marking on the containers in which the disinfectant solutions are kept, e.g. contents, concentration, date, shelf life and batch number. Used and organically contaminated solutions are to be changed at least once per workday as per RKI recommendation.

A stability time of up to four weeks can be confirmed for the previous products and application concentrations of the same products, provided they are used in accordance with our instructions for use and recommendations. Comment: Wipes that have been soaked in the disinfectant solution should not be used for any longer period of time. Frequent opening and closing of the container or unintentionally leaving the wipe dispenser open may lead to the evaporation of volatile substances, resulting in a change in the agent concentration.

VAH-listed RKI-listed (A/B)

pikto_flaeche_oberflaecheSurface disinfection for medical products

pikto_flaeche_flaecheDisinfectant concentrate for the disinfection of surfaces of any type.

Use biocides with caution. Always read the label and product information before use.


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