Sekusept™ Aktiv

The powerful complete solution for the active cleaning and effective disinfection of medical instruments and endoscopes with comprehensive efficacy spectrum (incl. bacteria, spores, yeasts and viruses). Material compatibility tested and confirmed against all prevalent materials. 

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Product Details

Complete efficacy spectrum incl. virucidal according to recommendations DVV/RKT and sporicidal. Protection for patients and reprocessing staff

  • Application solution to be changed within a working day
  • Cleans and removes protein stains
Our performance Your advantage
Listed according to RKI (A/B), VAH and IHO Safety for users and patients
Short contact time due to powerful formulation Short circulation times of the instruments
Low application concentration Virucidal and sporicidal with 2% and 15 min. Contact time
Active cleaning ingredients efficiently remove proteins and other stains No protein fixing, as neutral peracetic acid is used
Comprehensive material compatibility Universally applicable for the entire equipment, especially for flexible endoscope
Low foam Also suitable for use in ultrasonic bath

Application area

For the manual cleaning and disinfection as well as the terminal disinfection of medical devices. Particularly appropriate for thermolabile devices, which cannot be autoclaved, e.g. flexible endoscopes and anaesthetic equipment.

Preparation of application solution

For the preparation of the application solution use enclosed measuring spoon/measuring cup. Add the requested powder amount into the water during stirring and repeat several times during the first 15 minutes.

Instructions for use

Immerse instruments ensuring all surfaces are completely wet. Clean items acc. to instrument manufacturer’s instruction, including mechanical action (e.g.: brushing, wiping) until visual clean.

Remove instruments after the required contact time and rinse with water of at least drinking water quality. Dry external surfaces and internal channels (e.g. of endoscopes) afterwards.

For the terminal disinfection one bath for the cleaning and one bath for the disinfection is required.

According to the recommendation of the RKI (Robert-KochInstitute) the solution is to be prepared fresh daily. In case of visible contamination prepare a fresh solution immediately.


pikto_instrumente_manuellDisinfectant for medical devices


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